Blorp (scsi) wrote in lj_everywhere,

Tweaky Curosity question:

In /support/help.bml, there is the following code:

return $ML{'.interim'} if
(!$remote || !$remote->{'_priv'}) &&
$r->header_in("Referer") eq "$LJ::SITEROOT/support/";

The way I read this, is that if the person is not logged in (!$remote), OR does not have any of the support* privs (!$remote->{'_priv'}) AND they are coming from /support/, they get the "The queue is for support privs only" message...

The way this reads, it totally kills all volunteer help to answer support tickets (since they will be coming from /support/, and not have privs) except if you go specifically to that URL (not linked from support).. I got a kazillion emails from support priv'less people who wondered why they couldnt answer tickets anymore, so I commented this code out and ignored the emails.. Magically fixed! Was just curious if a patch submitted to make this behavior optional would be accepted or why it was implemented this way (or if it'll break stuff if I commented it out).. :)

The new code rocks, and upgrading was a snap. You guys rule.

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