Blorp (scsi) wrote in lj_everywhere,

Wierd S2 access question

Heres a wierd S2 access question:

Background: Currently, a user has to have the s2styles cap in order to edit S2 layers (via customize/advanced/*). A user also must have the s2styles cap in order to view private system-wide s2 styles (like boxer, and other paid-user only S2 styles on LJ).

Problem: We have added a paid-only S2 style on DJ; but the freebies in the past were allowed to edit S2 layers. They are both controled by the s2style cap. We cant open one up without opening up the paid-only S2 styles on DJ. I want people to be able to edit layers, but not get the paid-only S2 styles.

Solution (hopefully): I created a new cap called s2layers. I gave everyone this cap, and s/s2styles/s2layers/ in ~/customize/advanced/* (just modified the cap checks). You might think that free users could just import the paid-only DJ styles as a personal style, and use it that way (getting around the paid-only feature).. Turns out the system still checks for s2styles, and doesnt allow the user to select the bootleg style that they just made..

Now, my questions:

1. Am i going to screw anything up by doing this
2. Should I submit patches for my changes to fine-grain the S2 access level.
3. Is there a better way to do this?

Thanks everyone, hope you had a good thanksgiving holiday.

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