someone (miyako_teel) wrote in lj_everywhere,

lj code on Mandrake 8.2 installation help needed

I really hope someone can help me with this and make my family happy.

awhile back I installed the LJ code from CVS onto to my winXP pro syststem for myself because I'm currently working on a client. My family saw my testing stie while I was working and started playing around with it and they decided they wanted their own LJ like site.

So I dug out an old PC that I knew would be able to handle it, installed mandrake 8.2 since I had the installation CDs for it, then I downloaded everything from CVS (after having a few mnor issues with my net connection) , I installed the missing perl modules (whcih nice thing about mandrake 8.2, I was only missing a couple)

Now, here's the prlblem, the apache web server in mandrake 8.2 isn't a normal apache server. It's This lovely piece of junk

I can't get the code to work properly and I've tried everything. The prroblem comes in when I attempt to restart. The httpd-perl daemon starts properly with the proper info, however, when the "normal" httpd daemon attempts to start, the PerlSetEnv and PerlRequire directives cause it to spit out errors because mod_perl isn't available, and it's compiled statically into the httpd-perl server.

I tried removing that server and installing a standard apache server, but no such luck. When I removed the packages for that server, it also took out several other packages (Like python for example)

Anyone have any ideas on how to resolve this one?

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