Joe Paquin (joepaquin) wrote in lj_everywhere,
Joe Paquin

questions on perl

hello everyone, well i am using my home computer for web development
and what not and i am having trouble installing perl, probably because
i have no clue how to configure any of this stuff and what not,
well here is the environment, i have apache with a mysql database
and php currently running, it is running on a Windows XP ©
system. If anyone can help me to install this, just give simple
guidelines to install, like how to get everything working.

On another note, i am trying to install livejournal on my site at my site, hypothetically) and i was wondering
will the perl modules and stuff still work even though i am trying
to run it from a subdirectory, i am thinking i may have to install
perl in another directory in order for it to work, but if anyone
has any ideas on how to work this it would greatly be appreciated.

Also i am creating a massive internet portal site with everything
in it about everything, basically it is encompassing the internet
without the porn sites, if anyone is interested in working on this
project, it will pay well when it is up and running, but there is
no money right now, it would be helpful to have people experienced
in java server pages, php, mysql, perl, and many other languages,
as well as java applets, this is going to be a massive undertaking
but should have an amazing result, if anyone is interested please
email me at

Thank you everyone for everything!

--Joe Paquin--

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