xb95 (xb95) wrote in lj_everywhere,

Service Migration

Just wanting some suggestions here...

Plogs.net needs to move from one hosting provider to another. This necessitates a change of IP addresses. Instead of the service being unavailable for 48 hours while DNS updates, I was thinking of how to keep it available, since I have access to both servers in the meantime.


1) Run a proxy on the old system to pass all requests to the new system transparently. (Ideal?)
2) Migrate the database, point the old system's ljconfig.pl database to the new system's IP address, using mysql over TCP. (Security/latency issues.)
3) Give users the temporary name of the new home. (Ick.)

I'm not sure how to accomplish #1 very easily. I could just have Apache redirect everything, perhaps modify LiveJournal.pm to redirect everything to the new server. But there's gotta be something cleaner, isn't there?

Advice on accomplishing #1 or other suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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