Blorp (scsi) wrote in lj_everywhere,

I upgraded to latest CVS on my dev server, and now i'm having the following problem:

on, the S2 'Override Default' moved from a forms based input system to a javascript based input system.. This looks a lot cleaner and better.


When I bring up this page on my dev server, all of the checkboxes are grayed out, and my javascript console gives me this:

missing ) after argument list
In, Line 231, document.write('<button onclick="spawnPicker(findel(\'main_bgcolor_value\'),findel(\'main_bgcolor_value_disp\'),\'Color for main content\'); return false;"disabled='disabled'>Choose...</button>');

missing ) after argument list
In, Line 247, document.write('<button onclick="spawnPicker(findel(\'main_fgcolor_value\'),findel(\'main_fgcolor_value_disp\'),\'Main text color\'); return false;"disabled='disabled'>Choose...</button>');


I just sync'd layers.bml from CVS about 10 min ago, but it hasnt been changed in forever.. The verson thats running on is the old radio-button based version, so no help there. Can anyone reproduce this/tell me wtf is going on?

Update: When I first posted this, I didnt HTML escape anything, and below is what came out.. Is this supposed to happen? Or is the cleaner supposed to eat this.

missing ) after argument list
In, Line 311, document.write('');

Thanks! :)

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