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Administrative console: system cannot use it?

I have set up a LiveJournal installation at Johns Hopkins University. I have generally had success, but I have a laundry list of small issues.

The one I want to address here is the administrative console.

So I log in to the front page ( as system successfully. I then go to my own administative console and try to issue the "change_journal_type gooftroop community" command to change a journal from personal to a community journal

"system, you are not authorized to use this command". I *can* use the ban_set command to ban people on my own install, though, thankfully (?).

What's going on here? This seems "partially documented" at best. Is there a WikiWikiWeb or some other community documentation?

The "Privilege management" page says I have the "*" argument to the "admin" privilege, if that helps. (Not that I know how the arguments there work, either.) It's a stock system account.



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