JustGags (justgags) wrote in lj_everywhere,

Couple Problems

Hi, I've modified the update.bml page to some needs of my installation. However, I am running into two problems:

(1) There is a horizontal scrollbar at the bottom of the screen in rich=1 mode only. I have looked into the update.bml file and richtext.js file, but cannot find anything that would cause this. Is there something that I'm not seeing here?

(2) With the "Where do you want to post?" dropdown menu above the "Subject" textbox, I get a "Client error: Invalid destination journal username." (I've done this before, and have never gotten this error, has there been some sort of variable change that is screwing this up?)

Yes, I am a noob and lack experience. My update.bml source is below, if anyone is willing to look it over and tell me what I am missing.


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