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Concurrently running the current and stable versions of the code...

I was just wondering, whenever I switch over to linux and dip my hands into LJ code, which should be quite soon, I would like to keep two versions up, one with the most current code running from CVS and another "stable" version.

The Stable version would be the one available to the public, while the CVS version will essentially be for testing.

Now, what I'd like to know is, is this even possible? Advisable? How would I go about doing it? And seeing as it'd be nice to have a dataset to actually test the CVS version with, can both versions access the same database or can I easily duplicate the public versions data to work with the CVS versions data? Jas anyone else done this before and how was it? etc, etc.

I know I probably just used really akward language here, apologies.

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