Crotalus (crotalus) wrote in lj_everywhere,

What should I look for with a hosting company?

I want to play with the lj platform, so I am looking for an appropriate hosting company. As many of the problems getting lj up and running seem to be associated with the server and the control panel, I was wondering if I could get some tips on what to look for in a hosting plans (I would like to find the appropriate plan now as opposed to having problems and/or having to change plans later:-)

Okay, based on what I read in the LiveJournal Manual, I know I need the following:

shell access

Is there anything I forgot? Considering I am doing this for my own ammusment rather than for a specific communtity, I figure I won't need much in the way of bandwidth or disk space, but I am wondering what others would consider the bare minimum its nessicary to have.

Also, my current websites are hosted on a server that uses cpanel and does not allow shell access. Based on what I have read in this journal, I am guessing that I would not be able to install the lj platform on the same server(or at least it would be increadibly difficult.) If I am wrong about this, could someone point me in the direction of information on how to go about it? If possible, I would prefer not to have to deal with another hosting company.


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