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en_LOCAL - Site Specific Text

Hey all,
Im using the latest code base from cvs, but im running into a problem with site specific text. I followed the directions to a T from the online docs:


Create a new file under $LJHOME/bin/upgrading/, labelled en_LOCAL.dat. This file should contain all of the text that you'd like to override from $LJHOME/bin/upgrading/en.dat.

If you don't have a local BML configuration file (_config-local.bml) in your $LJHOME/htdocs/ directory, you should create one now. Add the following line to your local configuration file:
DefaultLanguage en_LOCAL

If you don't have a local language directive file ($LJHOME/bin/upgrading/text-local.dat) create one now. Add the following lines to your local language file:
# EnglishLOCAL is child of English for general domain:
lang:100:en_LOCAL:English (Local):sim:en

# EnglishLOCAL is root of FAQ:

Run $LJHOME/bin/upgrading/ load.


The FAQ line gave me an error, so i commented it out. Other than that I did all of the above, and the load tool ran without error. However even after a restart of apache, none of the text from en_LOCAL appears live on the site. A browse of the database shows that the en_LOCAL text (id=100) is in the ml_text table of the database.

Any idea whats going on here?

Thank in advance.

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