JustGags (justgags) wrote in lj_everywhere,

Remote Database Server

In the past, I've always run my database server off the same computer as the web server was running off of, but recent events are now forcing me to use two machines.

### Database Configuration

# database info. only the master is necessary.
# you should probably CHANGE THIS
'master' => { # master must be named 'master'
'host' => "",
'port' => 3306,
'user' => 'xxxxx',
'pass' => 'xxxxx',
'role' => {
'cluster1' => 1,

# optionally, apache write its access logs to a mysql da$
#logs => 1,

However, I need getting the "Couldn't get master database handle error" when I run bin/checkconfig.pl... I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. There is a MySQL database up on that machine, on that port, with a livejournal database present and populated.

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