Guillaume (hommedeterre) wrote in lj_everywhere,

Question from a humble lj_servant

I don't know much about coding. This is probably where many stop reading. If you'd like to direct me elsewhere, then I apologize for posting this question here, so here goes...

I'd like to setup an outside webpage that basically has what my livejournal friends page is. I'd like it organized by most recent with all the different friends mixed in there, you know, just like the real friends page. I've read through some FAQ files and talked to a fairly savy friend but he couldn't figure it out much. Is this possible? I'm guessing an RSS feed or something of the sort would make this work...

Oh, and in addition to that, would it be possible to mingle feeds from my other friends' weblogs (personal pages, non-livejournal) with my livejournal friends page that I'd have on my own page? Or am I just asking too much, and asking the wrong people here? Thank you/sorry.

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