Asheesh Laroia (paulproteus) wrote in lj_everywhere,
Asheesh Laroia

No text, just ?lang? everywhere!

My LJ install has gone successfully, for the most part.  This is on Perl 5.8.1.  Except that instead of seeing site text, I only see ?lang?.  For example, in manage.bml, I see only ?lang? in the HTML TITLE.  This is with latest CVS.  This is a sample of the content on /manage/index.bml:

PGP/GPG public key
    Upload your public key

The corresponding BML in the code on-disk is:

<dd><?_ml .information.siteopts.about _ml?></dd>
  <dt><a href="./emailpost.bml"><?_ml .information.emailpost _ml?></a></dt>
  <dd><?_ml .information.emailpost.about _ml?></dd>
  <dt><a href="./pubkey.bml">PGP/GPG public key</a></dt>
  <dd>Upload your public key</dd>
  <dt><a href="/manage/invites.bml"><?_ml /manage/invites.bml.title _ml?></a></dt>
  <dd><?_ml .communities.invites.about _ml?></dd>

I have been doing ./ wipedb ; ./ load but to no effect.  Help!  Thanks. :)

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