Jason Reitsch (jreitsch) wrote in lj_everywhere,
Jason Reitsch

Hoo-boy. Bone-head issue in step one.

Ok, I'm not a dummy. Really. I've installed things like LJ before. Namely phpBB and InvisionBoard, which both use perl and MySQL and are not entirely easy to put together... not trying to brag just hoping to not look like a total n00b. Anyway, I'm strugging with about step one. Hehe!

$LJHOME environment variable.

Fortunately my shell is bash so I followed the instructions exatly and when, after adding the variable line to my .bash_profile, and running it (~/.bash_profile), I do the test line (echo $LJHOME) and get a blank line in response. It's not loading. Is there a specific location in the .bash_profile that the variable line should go? It's been over ten years since I've played with any such unix shell things.

As further proof that it isn't loading I get a line when I try to run bootstrap.pl that I have to load the LJHOME var first (not the exact error message, my own paraphrase).

Please help. I feel so ridiculous getting so stuck so early on. But the documentation is a bit... scant, in spite of it's enourmousness! :)

PS my host is hostdepartment.com They have apache and all that good stuff. Pretty awesome host for this type of thing actually.

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