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Installing and Running LiveJournal

I installed LiveJournal (ver 2002081600) on my system (Red Hat 7.3 / Apache 1.2.23 / perl 5.6.1). I was able to get all the perl modules installed except for the GD series. Looking through the code, it seems that all they are used for is to generate the graphs on the reports, so I left them be for a later day.

I followed the instructions in ./doc/server/, but there are parts to the httpd.conf that I'm not certain about.

I plan to run LiveJournal on a virtual host on, with the standard website on

How much of the provided httpd.conf file is required to accomplish that? I put the last three lines in a virtual server directive as suggested by the instructions. To date, those are the only changes I've made to httpd.conf.

And when I load the page, all I get is the raw .BML page.

It was suggested that I check my mod_perl installation. It's there, and I wrote a simple perl script and put it my main document root cgi-bin (not the same locations as the livejournal document root cgi-bin). All it does is create an HTML page stating that if you can read this, mod-perl is running. The page displays normally.

I'm thinking that I need to adjust httpd.conf with additional virtualhost directives, but I can figure out what they should be.

Can anyone help?

ps. The docs definately need a troubleshooting section... After I get this resolved, I'll be happy to submit my experiances for it.

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