macfrog (macfrog) wrote in lj_everywhere,

Dedicated Server

Ok after causing the entire apache server to crash last night I think my current provider might not let me run livejournal any more hehe. It was on a shared hosting plan...

I am thinking to moving to a ultra cheap dedicated server and was wondering roughly how many users this box could rougly hold if users averaged 1/2 post a day:

1.7ghz Celeron
256 Meg Ram
40 Gig hard drive
500 GB of transfer.

This is a brand new site so I am not expecting 1m users to sign up ... and I don't mind upgrading in the future if I need it (I am going month to month).

I was doing some more searching and $10 more a month got me 512mb of ram with a 1.4 ghz Celeron.

Just fyi my max budget right now is $60/month until I get some paid users... So if you know anything better for less let me know! That server I found above was from and is $49 / month.

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