Chandies (chandies) wrote in lj_everywhere,

Moods and Styles

My installation is missing the mood icons. I gather there is supposed to be the icons themselves under /$LJHOME/htdocs/img/mood, but I don't have a mood directory. Also, the moodthemedata and moodthemes SQL tables are emtpy.

How do I populate the tables and/or get the mood icons? Or is this LJ site-specifc info, and everyone else has to make their own?

Next question, in the refried_paper style, is hard-coded in the My Info and similar links. I can (and have) created a new style based on refried_paper, but where can I edit the style directly?

Last one, and it's similar to one I've asked before: GD... I still can't get it to install. It complains about missing files, even though I've installed the required version of libgd. Any suggestions / locations for additional help?

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