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Local Text and Pay System...

Some Questions...

1. I read through most of the archive (mainly our of boredome hehe) and didnt find anyone with this problem ...

I made a en_LOCAL file that uses custom text not found in the en file. I did all the steps:

made _config-local.bml , changed my to include en_LOCAL and then made a text-local to look for en_LOCAL. When I ran the texttool load it found and inserted my text into the database with no errors.

When I go to the pages that call the text, it does not show up at all (no error message or anything just missing - even missing if you view the source) while it is physically in the bml file.

How do I get this to show up??

2. I was playing around with the check system for sending money in via mail. I created "bought" a item and then took the id that was generated into batchprocess with the amount "recieved" (same as for what I "bought" it for).

The payment showed up as recieved from that particular user, but the account was still shown as free. Do I have to manually enter time for users that send in money via mail witht the current system?? I would thought it would do it automatically.




Ok I found the nifty maint to give a user paid time if he paid for it.

I run it and get this:

ERROR> task pay_updateaccounts died: Invalid userprop no_mail_alias passed to LJ::load_user_props. at /home/lineagej/cgi-bin/ line 2739.

UPDATE ON TEXT - Still need help :-(

Read for details on what my local text files look like (long)

When I load the text with everything loads fine and is in the database.

# Stores all local crumbs and adds to the crumbs hash

'paidaccounts' => ['Paid Accounts', '/paidaccounts/index.bml', 'about'],
'paidacctstatus' => ['Paid Account Status', '/paidaccounts/status.bml', 'paidaccounts'],


;; -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
/paidaccounts/index.bml.costs.header=Well, how much does it cost?

/paidaccounts/index.bml.costs.rates=The rates are as follows:


That works out to a little over $2/month for the year plan.
That'll hardly break your pocketbook.
The most annoying part will likely be pulling out your wallet, finding your credit card, and typing in your information.


To show appreciation for users who have made contributions, there are a number of features that are only available to paid accounts. These features include, but aren't limited to:

New! Post by E-mail

Paid accounts can post to their journals and communities quickly and securely through our e-mail gateway.

Customizing your Journal

In addition to just being able to pick the style of your journal and the colors, you'll also be able to create your own style using whatever HTML you like. This will also let you be able to make new styles that match your website that you can then easily embed, never revealing that you're using as your journal mechanism.


Paid accounts have the ability to create polls in their own journals and in any communities they are a part of and can post to.

More User Picture Icons

Paid accounts are allowed 15 user picture icons, rather than the 3 allotted to free users. E-mail Alias

Paid accounts are given a e-mail address ([[username]] that can be turned on or off.

Directory Searches

Paid accounts are given access to use the directory to search for other users. Subdomain

Instead of having your journal at[[username]]/, it'll also be available at http://[[username]], much shorter and more personal.


Paid accounts have the ability to create new syndicated accounts, which are RSS feeds that are incarnated on LiveJournal.

Text Messaging Interface

Paid accounts are given access to the text messaging feature, which will allow them to receive text messages on their phone or pager through LiveJournal's custom interface.

More To-Do Items

Paid accounts can set up to 150 to-do list items in their to-do lists, and can set differing security levels on each item.


Paid accounts have access to the complete range of options for embedding your journal into your home page, as explained on the "Embedding" page.

Domain Forwarding

Paid users can set up domain forwarding, so that their internet domain points to their LiveJournal.


For a complete list of Paid Account benefits, please read What are the Paid Account benefits?


/paidaccounts/index.bml.features.header=So what cool features will I get?

/paidaccounts/index.bml.title=About Paid Accounts

No, of course not. Paying for web services is annoying, we agree.
That's why nearly all of LineageJournal's functionality is available free of charge.
However, if you're happy with the service you're being provided, show your support and get a paid account.

/paidaccounts/index.bml.whypay.header=I have to pay to use LineageJournal?

It takes money to run websites (for servers, colocation, and bandwidth), and this seems like a
better way to pay for it than blasting you with pop-up banner ads and spamming you with advertisements.


/paidaccounts/ delivery date format. Must be of form yyyy-mm-dd or yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm.

/paidaccounts/ date cannot be in the past. To send immediately, leave the delivery date box blank.

/paidaccounts/ date cannot be more than a month in the future.

/pay/index.bml.deliverydate.details=Format: yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm (GMT time)
(enter nothing for no delayed delivery)

/pay/index.bml.deliverydate.label=Delivery Date:

/pay/ gift

crumb.paidaccounts=Paid Accounts

crumb.paidacctstatus=Paid Account Status

Finally a snip of how I am calling it at /paidaccounts/index.bml :

$ret .= " p?>";
$ret .= " p?>";

I am totally stumped!

Thanks again.

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