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S1 Styles

Well, I managed to mess around with things for a little. I had to rn the MySQL server in safemode and that worked. Something just isn't working with the permissions that were set, I followed the guide as always and it still didn't work. Everything is running right now I've notice one error while sifting through the website, the create styles page, http://www.scenejournal.com/styles/create.bml returns this error:

[Error: Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference at (eval 211) line 43. @ scenejournal]

Another thing that's kinda a big issue is this, I run the update-db.pl and it appears to work absolutely fine except I have no S1 Styles!:

scenejournal:/home/lj# bin/upgrading/update-db.pl -r -p
Updating cluster: 0

cluster: status

Populating public system styles (S1):
calendar/Clean and Simple: added
calendar/Default Calendar: added
calendar/Disjointed: added
calendar/Generator: added
calendar/Magazine: added
calendar/Notepad: added
calendar/Punquin Elegant w/ Sidebar: added
calendar/Refried Paper: added
calendar/Tabular Indent: added
day/Clean and Simple: added
day/Default Day View: added
day/Disjointed: added
day/Generator: added
day/Magazine: added
day/Notepad: added
day/Punquin Elegant w/ Sidebar: added
day/Refried Paper: added
day/Tabular Indent: added
friends/Clean and Simple: added
friends/Default Friends View: added
friends/Disjointed: added
friends/Generator: added
friends/Magazine: added
friends/Notepad: added
friends/Punquin Elegant w/ Sidebar: added
friends/Refried Paper: added
friends/Tabular Indent: added
lastn/Clean and Simple: added
lastn/Default LiveJournal: added
lastn/Disjointed: added
lastn/Generator: added
lastn/Magazine: added
lastn/Notepad: added
lastn/Punquin Elegant w/ Sidebar: added
lastn/Refried Paper: added
lastn/Tabular Indent: added
lastn/Webley Boxes on White: added
Populating public system styles (S2):
SOURCE: s2layers.dat
Populating database with base-data.sql.
Populating mood data.

Remember to also run:
bin/upgrading/texttool.pl load

# Done.

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