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Livejournal and perl 5.8

I'm installing LJ on a solaris 8 x86 machine, and am having a few problems. Primarily, I can't get Jcode (which is required by Unicode::MapUTF8) to test. I emailed ijon about this (since he's installed LJ on solaris before), and he noted that Unicode is one of the big differences between perl 5.6 (which he was using) and perl 5.8 (which I'm using - compiled from source with gcc 3.2). So, does anyone have any ideas how to fix this? Is LJ known to work with perl 5.8? [1] Can I just ignore the requirement to have Unicode::MapUTF8 installed? [2] Or will I have to compile perl 5.6.1 (which I can do, but I'd rather not).

Anyway, any help will be appreciated. I'll probably have a few more problems yet, since I haven't compiled apache from source yet (the sun one is useless, since it's compiled against their perl, which was compiled with their (non-free) compiler.)

[1] You might want to give the codebase a codename, to avoid confusion about whether someone is talking about the code or the site.
[2] I forced GD to install (it failed one test that even debian comments out), but GD::Text has issues - but since it's only used in the stats bit I decided to ignore it.


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