cm357 (cm357) wrote in lj_everywhere,

I'm running on Debian 3.0r2 (SPARC) Against MySQL 4.1.8 (built from source) looks like this:

'master' => { # master must be named 'master'
'host' => "localhost",
'port' => 3306,
'user' => 'ljdbs',
'pass' => 'XxxxxxxX',
'role' => {
'cluster1' => 1,

# optionally, apache write its access logs to a mysql database
#logs => 1,

I can connect to the MySQL Server from the command-line with the username and password pasted from the config. Database livejournal is created, and all privileges were given to ljdbs@localhost

When I try to populate the database with:

ra:/home/lj# bin/upgrading/ --runsql --populate

I get back:

Updating cluster: 0

cluster: status
0: ERROR: Can't connect to the database (clust#0), so I can't update it.

Can't call method "quote" on an undefined value at /home/lj/cgi-bin/ lin
e 5808.

If I run:

bin/upgrading/ load

I get:

Can't connect to the database.

But I manually connect to the database without error. I also changed it to use /tmp/mysql.sock (as configured on my system) without success.

I pulled the main code from the CVS host this morning.

Any suggestions? The possible answers I found in lj_everywhere didn't let me get past this point. My next option is to rebuild the machines (again) using all Debian Packages, but I would rather not do that.


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