Eric Windisch (ewindisch) wrote in lj_everywhere,
Eric Windisch

Problems with upgrade..

First, the shocker: I'm currently running CVS from 20030408

Now that you're done throwing things at me, the question is: how do I upgrade? :) I did a checkout for each the the repositories in $LJHOME/cvs/ and I used the tool to perform a "sync" operation. However, I get the following error (real home replaced with $LJHOME for obscurity):

[error] Invalid userprop external_foaf_url passed to LJ::load_user_props. at $LJHOME/cgi-bin/ line 2906.\n

I tried moving backwards to code before FOAF was added, but I got other errors -- But as that code is almost a year old itself, I doubt I'd get much help getting that to work! :)

[edit] Forgot to mention -- Thank you, in advance, for any help [/edit]

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