l4me hax0r (d3niska) wrote in lj_everywhere,
l4me hax0r

Again 404 error then trying to comment?

Hi folks!

I've installed lj from cvs and almost works fine... But i've got 404 errors then trying to reply to any post in blog... I've read post here before my question but not understood where should i fix that?

So i've httpd compiled w/ mod_perl 1.29 and w/ mod_rewrite, livejournal installed from cvs, all works good but not comments...

$LJHOME installed correct in httpd.conf and via export $LJHOME=/home/lj

in logs i have

[Tue Feb 22 16:28:17 2005] [error] [client x] File does not exist: /home/lj/htdocs/404-error.html
[Tue Feb 22 16:28:47 2005] [error] [client x] File does not exist: /users/userna,e/426.html

Plz tell me again where must i look for fix this?


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