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I am searching a way go get the $OTHER_VHOSTS feature that lets the users use their proper domain name with their journal work.
BUT, when I activate this, all the pages of my lj-site get 404-errors. I have searching in the archives of lj_everywhere and lj_dev and I have seen several people getting the exactly same problem but who didn't found any solution to this problem.

So, I have searched what is the part of the code that manage this and I have found that it is /cgi-bin/Apache/ who manage this through this code:

I suppose there is a special modification to make this work? As LiveJournal use it without any problem?

Thanks to help me/us ^^

 # user domains
    if ($LJ::USER_VHOSTS &&
        $host =~ /^([\w\-]{1,15})\.\Q$LJ::USER_DOMAIN\E$/ &&
        $1 ne "www" &&

        # 1xx: info, 2xx: success, 3xx: redirect, 4xx: client err, 5xx: server err
        # let the main server handle any errors
        $r->status < 400)
        my $user = $1;

        # see if the "user" is really functional code
        my $func = $LJ::SUBDOMAIN_FUNCTION{$user};

        if ($func eq "normal") {
            # site admin wants this domain to be ignored and treated as if it
            # were "www", so set this flag so the custom "OTHER_VHOSTS" check
            # below fails.
            $skip_domain_checks = 1;
        } elsif ($func) {
            my $code = {
                'userpics' => \&userpic_trans,
                'files' => \&files_trans,
            return $code->{$func}->($r) if $code->{$func};
            return 404;  # bogus ljconfig
        } else {
            my $view = $determine_view->($user, "users", $uri);
            return $view if defined $view;
            return 404;

    # custom used-specified domains
    if ($LJ::OTHER_VHOSTS && !$skip_domain_checks &&
        $host ne $LJ::DOMAIN_WEB &&
        $host ne $LJ::DOMAIN && $host =~ /\./ &&
        $host =~ /[^\d\.]/)
        my $dbr = LJ::get_db_reader();
        my $checkhost = lc($host);
        $checkhost =~ s/^www\.//i;
        $checkhost = $dbr->quote($checkhost);
        # FIXME: memcache this?
        my $user = $dbr->selectrow_array(qq{
            SELECT u.user FROM useridmap u, domains d WHERE
            u.userid=d.userid AND d.domain=$checkhost
        return 404 unless $user;

        my $view = $determine_view->($user, "other:$host$hostport", $uri);
        return $view if defined $view;
        return 404;


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