Trejkaz Xaoza (trejkaz) wrote in lj_everywhere,
Trejkaz Xaoza

Style problems...

I've just set up LJ for a new site, and am trying to get a simple style up (for I intend to embed the events page in another site.) I created a new user, then went back to the system account and turned them into a paid user. Then I logged back in as the new user, and went to edit styles. It let me create a new style, but once the style was created, for some reason it didn't let me preview it, saying the user didn't have the right privileges to edit styles (!)

The strangest thing about this is if I go to Modify Journal, it will let me set the custom style as my current style, no problem. The drawback is I want it to work without having to set it as my current style.

Anyone seen this happen before?

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