abhaypradhan (abhaypradhan) wrote in lj_everywhere,

moods et al

Hi everyone

I've just started customizing Livejournal for my company. I need help in the following areas

1) expanding the user field from 15 to 30. Is there any problem if i just update the following:
a) alter the table and also change update-db-general.pl and change the table structure from char(15) to char(30)
b) ensure all the bml pages are changed, wherever there is a user field, make that 30 (maxlength)
c) change the function canonical_username ..

anything else i need to do?

b) how do i get moods? the cute smileys etc? i don't seem to have any set up right now. Even the directory htdocs/img/moods does not exist. do i just create them by importing gif's etc??

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