Matt (bnageek) wrote in lj_everywhere,

Cross authenticate to Infopop Eve

I'm not sure if this should be here or on lj_dev. I'm a newb to LJ, please be forgiving. Anyhow...

I'm trying to figure out how to go about replacing the LJ authentication with Infopop's Eve authentication API so that we can allow our message board members, and only our message board members, to create blogs for themselves, post to their blogs, and comment on others blogs (members only commenting). Using the Eve API is pretty easy, it basically uses HTTP redirects and eventually you get back a session with the username, and userid.

What I'm stuck on is where to even start in trying to replace the LJ authentication, here's where I am so far.

1. Installed the 8-2003 tarball from
2. Got it running.
3. Created a user and tested posting.
4. Found some useful looking code in
5. Read about hooks
6. Got stuck

So question #1 is, if you don't want to answer the rest of my questions here, could you please point me to the most appropriate are to discuss this please?

question #2: Should I even be using the August 2003 tarball? Or is the cvs head stable enough for a production site? I understand CVS is unavailable at the moment anyhow....

question #3: I read somewhere that LJ is designed to have pluggable auth (I think perhaps I read this in the comments of the auth_okay sub in Anyhow, is there documentation on how to do this? Or is it like most of my software, and the feature is there, its just not documented. :-)

Thanks for any pointers you can give.

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