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EDIT: HUGE thank you to vanbeast - I got everything up and running successfully with his help. ;)

Thanks to everyone that offered help yesterday with my mod_perl issue.

I'm fairly new to Linux, and have found the whole LJ installation a bit overwhelming. After installing Debian today, I continued to run into problems getting mod_perl and apache to behave, and never got anywhere with the installation. It seems as though once I get one problem fixed, another pops up. Now, Apache is complaining that it can't find the modules listed in httpd.conf. :/ I've removed Apache with the plans to reinstall and try again, but I'm done for today.

I've opened the box up to friends who want to give it a shot. If anyone would like to take a look and see if you can get it worked out, you're welcome to it. Just give me a comment.

Thanks anyway, though, for the help yesterday!

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