the in-between is mine... (youcreateworlds) wrote in lj_everywhere,
the in-between is mine...


If this type of request isn't allowed, feel free to delete this post. There aren't any rules/regulations of the comm in the userinfo, though, so I figured "what the hey"...

I'm looking for someone to install LJ on my FC2 webserver. I just got everything installed (with the help of vanbeast) on my Debian box at home, but continue to run into issues running it on my home network. I have a dedicated webserver running Fedora Core 2, but I am too aprehensive about the installation process to delve into a production webserver.

If anyone is interested, please comment or send me an e-mail - chris (at) livein5hosting (dot) com. I will pay for the installation and your time, of course. No customizations, etc are needed - I just want LJ up and running on the server.

Thanks in advance, and sorry again if this is against the rules!

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