bdouglas1 (bdouglas1) wrote in lj_everywhere,

_code sections/questions


within bml, you have the ability to use the '_code' attribute to parse/insert perl code. however, whatever is inside the '_code' block gets run/interpreted when the '_code' block is used.

is there a way to have separate '_code' blocks within a given bml file. i'm trying to figure out how i can have a page with multiple dynamic sections. within php, you can simply setup a couple of different if/logic statements and include the required text bsed on the logic. i can't quite see how to do the same thing with the '_code' statements.

as an example:

<\?? __code
__code ??\>


i would expect that the above would have 'fsfssfs' in the initial file1.bml, in the place where the 'code' block is used... this makes sense. however, how could i use a 'code' block in another section of the file. if i simply did another '__code', then i'm going to use the same defined 'code' block, which isn't what we need...

any ideas/thoughts/comments/etc...

we're obviusly missing something simple here...

however, every bml file that we've seen in livejournal, appears to have only one 'code' block...


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