bdouglas1 (bdouglas1) wrote in lj_everywhere,

bml - understanding the $M - login.bml


we're trying to follow/understand the logic for 'login.bml', as it extracts/uses 'text string' information from the database.

we have the function BML::ml and $ML, but we can't seem to find the routines/code that actually do the work. we suspect that the functions are somehow mapped to functions within but we can't seem to determine how it actually works.

basically, we're trying to determine how the filename is set, and used to access the information for the given text string from the database.

if anyone has actual experience/understanding of this process, we'd appreciate the short tutorial/pointer! we're also pretty certain that the answer is in front of our eyes, but we can't see it.

pointers/thoughts/comments to actual information will be seriously appreciated.



ps... searching the code, login.bml, global.look, ljconfig.bml, etc.. hasn't shed any light. neither has searching google and the docs/files for livejournal...

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