bdouglas1 (bdouglas1) wrote in lj_everywhere,

a basic perl/perl module question....


i must be missing something. i've tried to copy/add a sub in the file. i've then tried to use the new sub in the login.bml file, after restarting apache. i get a 'undefined subroutine &BML::aa' which is odd, given that i can see the 'aa' sub in the BML routine. the sub that i copied it from is there, and is in fact accessed from the login.bml file in the same manner. so, the issue is with me creating the test sub in the file..

i've checked to see if there's some sort of EXPORT function, that i should perhaps modify to add the new subroutine, and can't find anything...

at the risk of being slammed (yeah, i'm laughing!!) can someone point to me what/where i need to make a change to be able to successfully add a subroutine to the file, and to access it via the login.bml file..

what's the incredible simple/embarassing thing i'm missing...



(ps.. and don't just say i don't know perl... the guys that i've talekd with have stated that there should be some sort of EXPORT function.. but they also ackowledge that mod_perl might behave differently...)

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