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basic livejournal/ question


In reading the docs/searching through google, I'm at a loss....

If I take a tar of livejournal, and do the basic install of the files to the livejournal dir structure, I get the file. My question is really pretty basic.

How can you go about adding a basic sub to the, such that the sub can be used in another file, eg. login.html?

Is there something during the build/installation process that takes the subs that are in the file and 'exposes' them to the rest of the application? We searched through the files/google, and didn't find/recognize any kind of 'Export' parameters.

Initially, we had thought that we had somehow screwed up/missed something in the file with our test install. However, we're still getting the same behavior when we use another install...

So, at this time, we're not sure if the perl/mod_perl/apache/etc.. might be setup incorrectly, or what the issue might be.

Basic test:
copy/rename the get_uri sub in the to another sub
in the login.bml, attempt to use the new sub -> BML::foo()
what error/msg (if any) do you get??

Has anyone else managed to install livejournal, and make additions to the underlying subs/files? If you successfully did this, what were your steps/process?



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