the in-between is mine... (youcreateworlds) wrote in lj_everywhere,
the in-between is mine...

Real Quick

Alright, can't figure this one out.

On my clone site, when a user uses the "<lj user="communityname">" tag, it displays as a user tag would (with the head img). I know that this is because my site does not use memcached. This is fine.

However, even if a user uses the "<lj comm="communityname">" tag, tagging it as a community, they still get the head img as if it were a user.

Is there anyway to force the img used based on the tag? "comm" pulls up the compass, etc? I think I read somewhere that this method is depreciated, but it'd still be nice to be able to use this feature on a site that doesn't use memcached at the moment.

Any ideas?


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