the in-between is mine... (youcreateworlds) wrote in lj_everywhere,
the in-between is mine...


Grabbed new copies of the files from the changelog yesterday to enable tags support on my lj-clone site. Being that there's no documentation (that I'm aware of) for getting tags going, I'm running into a few problems.

On update.bml, the field to enter a tag is there, but is not labeled.

On manage/tags.bml, any time a query is performed, an empty JS box pops up and nothing is returned. Also, there are no labels as there are on the LJ manage/tags.bml.

I manually inserted the tags-specific table information from update-db-general. I wasn't able to login via cvs (kept timing out), so I grabbed each of these files from web-cvs, copied and pasted... so it is feasible that I've missed something.

That's it - everything else seems to be working correctly. I can add/modify tags, etc. I realize this is extremely new, but if anyone has any suggestions or expertise in getting this going correctly, I'd appreciate it.

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