Robin stepped in it again (robin_serrano) wrote in lj_everywhere,
Robin stepped in it again

Trouble with Update

Hi there. On an installation I help to run, we recently did an update using the tarball from May that someone generously provided in another community (can't remember which one offhand). We were having some quirky friends list issues before this update, but since then we've been having all sorts of wacky friends list issues. It's completely hit or miss, seemingly random chance whether or not someone's post will actually appear on all (or even any of) the friends lists that include that user. We're completely baffled.

We've had other odd little things, too, like users getting a 'page cannot be displayed' error page after posting, and yet when they go back and look, the post actually went through just fine. And a lot of users are reporting that the picture that posts ends up being the default, no matter what they select. That's not quite as disturbing to the users as the friends list issue though.

Anyone have an idea or suggestion? We're a little hesitant to try another upgrade so soon using CVS, especially as we're not sure if there's an underlying problem we should correct first.

Thanks for any guidance or tips anyone can provide.

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