Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote in lj_everywhere,
Greg Cohoon

error running "Failed to create system user"

I'm attempting to install LJ at work so my fellow developers and I can keep track of project information in a more organized way than sending emails everywhere. I've got a box running Gentoo that I have complete control of and the only thing I plan on running on this box is LJ.

I've been going through the LJ developer documentation and I've gotten to 10. MySQL: 3. Populate the Database and can't seem to create my "system" user.

I get the following output/error when I try to do
$ bin/upgrading/ --runsql --populate
Updating cluster: 0

cluster: status

System user not found. Creating with random password.
Failed to create system user. at bin/upgrading/ line 188.
I also get an error when it try to do
$ bin/upgrading/
This tool will create [...]

Creating system account...
Already exists.
Modifying 'system' account...
ERROR: can't find newly-created system account.
I think that is incorrect when it determines that the system account already exists:
$ mysql -u lj -p
mysql> use livejournal;
Database changed
mysql> select * from user;
Empty set (0.00 sec)
I'm guessing that LJ::create_account() isn't behaving the way it should. I'm using default installations of all the supporting software (apache, mod_perl, mysql) and as far as I can tell, things in look fine. And seems happy:
$ bin/
[Checking for Perl Modules....]
Missing optional module.... (I'm OK with that, they're for OpenID and AtomAPI)
[Checking LJ Environment...]
[Checking Database...]
All good.
NOTE: doesn't check everything yet
I'd love any suggestions.

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