Steve (stevieg) wrote in lj_everywhere,

Hey Everyone

Well first off, this community rocks! Most of my questions have been answered by simply going through the archives. However, I do have a few questions:

#1 - Email concerns:
I want to do 2 things:
- Setup the email forwarding for and have it go to their email address
- Setup the support email addresses so that they will post to the board.

#2 - MySQL:
In my quest through the codes & manuals, I have seen many references to "slave" MySQL servers, and how the site will hit them before it hits the master. Is this setup through using 'role' under the %DBINFO section? What are the possible variables that can be used for role?

Any help with the above would be most appreciated!

On a side note, I noticed that there used to be a wiki site associated with this community? If this is still alive somewhere it would be an awesome thing to have!

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