July 18th, 2002

  • rwreed

More on the BML problem

Continuing to try to figure out why my .bml files are not executing, I notice that bmlp.pl has been removed from CVS. What replaces it? I wonder if there isn't necessary some program to interpret BML code be it the engine from Bradfitz.com or something else (though the documenation says not to use Brad's code).

Any thoughts?
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(no subject)


I'm one of those lovely people who wants to run LJ on their site, but has discovered from trying to read the installation docs that I have no idea what they're talking about, and no clue how to do the installation myself.

So, I'm now looking at the three most feasible options for me: learning enough to do it myself (which, while feasible, is not likely - I tend to get a bit bleary eyed when trying to learn computer stuff :( ), not using LJ, or (the one I'm hoping for, though not holding my breath over) find someone who is willing to take pity on a poor, clueless yet ambitious webmaster or who just wants experience in installing instances of LJ, and would be willing to do it for me on a volunteer basis.

I figure if there's any hope for option number 3, this would be the place to find such a person, so I'm asking. Once it's up and running, I should be able to manage things from there (I'm rather good at using scripts, once I can get them installed), but it's getting it set up that will be the problem)

So, if you would be interested, please let me know - you can either respond here, or email me at thorswitch@kc.rr.com. If you are willing to help, you will certainly be credited on the pages, and I will be glad to provide links to your site or sites as well.

Just as an FYI, my hosting is through Dreamhost, I have 835 megs of space available and allowed 25 gigs of bandwidth per month (currently, I'm using less than 1 gig of that), though I can get more of both if the site I put up proves to be successful. I'll be targeting a somewhat narrow audience, though, so I think it will take a bit before there's many subscribers.

I would also like to ask that no one send messages asking me how I dare make such a request, etc.... believe me, I know it's unlikely that anyone would want to do it for only credits and links in compensation, so I'm not expecting anyone here to jump at the chance - and I'm not going to go get an attitude of "no one would help me - oh boo-hoo - they're such a bunch of snobbish meanies!"... I just figured that since I don't have LJ installed now, I can't possibly be any worse off if I ask and everyone says no, eh?
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  • jwendl

Any ideas?

I just did a checkout of livejournal and ljcom and I get this error
Error running VarInitScript (/home/lj/cgi-bin/lj-bml-init.pl): Can't call method "selectrow_array" on an undefined value at (eval 101) line 72.

Went and dropped the databases, and deleted /home/lj and redid from cvs and got the same error :(
I must be overlooking something...
Anyone have ideas, I remember seeing this before in lj_dev, but for the life of me can't find it when I need it. Any help would be excellent as usual.

Update: Yeah its in mysql somewhere, like brad pointed out (thanks!) I just need to figure out what port mysqld is starting on then everything will be a ok.
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