January 15th, 2003

  • zach

Problems with updating with large entries

When updating journals from the update.bml page, it crashes apache when the entry is over a certain length. I get a stack overflow error in Apache, and the update page returns a "Server not found" error.

When updating from a client, it doesn't produce this error and the journal updates fine. Any ideas?
  • dottey

Perhaps a dumb question

I'm trying to go about installing my own LJ system for dev purposes. I did this once before and was able to do it successfully (after a bit of a struggle). But now I'm trying again, and I'm running in to problems.

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  • dottey

(no subject)

Perhaps related to my previous question... The server docs don't seem to have been updated in awhile. Does anyone know a) What would be a good version/level of Debian to install that will be able to install all the packages required by LJ? I have been trying this with Debian 2.2rev7 that I found on a site. If there is a better version that someone has had success with, please tell me which one and where to download it.

Second, is there a list anywhere that contains a single "apt-get install" statement which will install everything needed in order to run LJ?

Right now I'm getting some errors with apache-perl.

apache-perl: Depends: apache-common (< 1.3.27) but 1.3.27-0.1 is to be installed

And I seem to be stuck. So this is why I'm asking these questions. I think, possibly, I may not have the latest version of Debian and that could be why my packages are all screwed up.

Oh please, LJ and Debian Gods, help me out! :-)