August 4th, 2003

ARRRGGG certian things not working

I have two issues i just can't resolve for the life of me... i've tried and tried and tried....

First none of the images show up.. and i get something like this for the image url[Error:%20Undefined%20custom%20element%20'IMGPREFIX']/new/editfriends.png

Not sure why... and i've search all over and i'm just stumped...

also i've found that overrides don't work.. is there a new varible or something that says if they work or not.. i havn't spent too much time looking into it. but the first one is more important as none of my images are working on the main site.. thank in advanced


Does anyone have a list of the different caps that are in use in the LJ code. I am sure that I am not using some features that I would like to be using. Along with that, is there a list of what values each cap supports (i.e. 1or0 or an int value for something like syn_quota).

External authentication source?

So I am checking and saw this very interesting linea:

# if user doesn't exist in the LJ database, it's possible we're using
# an external authentication source and we should create the account
# implicitly.

So... how do I add my own user authentication database? ;-) I already have a huge user db I want to authenticate against. (LJ will be part of an existing website)

From the sound of this code comment it sounded simple enough... I hope it is. :-D
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