August 6th, 2003

  • boobay

LJ using two Masters DBs


I set up a LJ on two dedicated servers, both have exactly the same code and mysql data:

A is master for B and slave to B
B is master for A and slave to A

(two way replication 4.0.14)
So far only A is visible to the public, B also always seams to get updated instantly / seams to update A correctly.
I am now thinking about DNS load balancing (hitting A or B randomly) - in LJ's config is only 1 DB server each,
it's a pure mysql replication solution so far.

Will this work longterm, without any DB inconsistencies?
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I broke it!

So I was editing my Look and suddenly started getting lots of [Error: Undefined custom element '____'] all over the place.

I reverted to an older version of my Look and even switched back to the LJ Looks (bluewhite, etc.) and still get the error. I know it is my fault, where did I break it? :-(
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