August 16th, 2003

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using lj on apache 2.0 on windows

hey.. i have apache 2.0 and activeperl somethingsomethin.. ::mumbles:: installed on a windows xp pro box and have no idea where to start.. any ideas? :/ i also have mysql.. the newest one, and i already checked out the lj code from the cvs...
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Tweaking my installation...

I just installed the LiveJournal code onto my RedHat Linux 9 box. And all is working well (mostly). I just have a few problems:

1) Anytime I try to use the directory it says "Sorry, your account type doesnt permit usage of the directory." AND when I go to the big US Map, the states are not clickable.

2) The Random Journal button is not working, it always just takes me back to the main page.

3) A bunch of styles include links back to the original livejournal site like instead of MYDOMIAN/user/username/info.

I typed the crontabs exactly how the instructions said to, but could they be not running? How can I tell?

Furthermore, the entire cvs merging thing w/ replacing pages w/ the ones that i have edited is extremely confusing. I've just been editing the originals. Is that bad? What's the purpose of the cvs merging thing.

Thanx in advance.