August 17th, 2003

A few remaining tweaks.

Whenever I do some sort of search in my directory, if just says something about hundreds of monkeys looking and it loops that page forever. It isnt until I press F5 that I can see the results. I noticed on they have a system where the page auto refreshes every 30 seconds, how can I implement this, or how can I make the results instantaneous like's

Also, my Random! link doesnt show all the journals. For example I have 10 accounts on my site, only about 5 are actually in the Randon link.

Remaining Two Problems:

OK guys, thanks for your help so far, but I just have two remaining qualms with my current setup ( located at ) if that helps:

1) How do I install moods/smiles, where do I get them, etc?
2) I need to change the table background color of comments on topic view pages ( for example: ) on that page, as you can see, it is quite hard to read the name of the comment power, and the subject of the comment. In what file do I modify that global, furthermore WHERE SPECIFICALLY is it in that file.

Thank you.
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