September 17th, 2003

  • boobay

Massive hosting of userpics

could something like this work:

* 10MBit of userpics per second (or 100+ pics per second)

* Dual Xeon 2Ghz

* thttpd serving 20M pics directly from a plain /userdir/userpicid/ filesystem. Let's assume that there is no preference on certain pics and that they all might be servered randomly.

how much RAM would the server need minimum (would it even make a difference...)? would scsi be enough or would a raid be necessary? how much further could it scale up to?
  • boobay

MaxRequestsPerChild (again...)

I have to ask about MaxRequestsPerChild again:
- why is it set to 500 in the example .conf?
I recognized that once it's set higher (e.g. 50,000) the httpds get very large, one time my machine started swapping.. why is that? is perl leaking or is LJ caching too much? Is there a 'limit', a maximum for the httpds to grow at? If a server has enough Ram, does it make sense to increase this limit?