October 30th, 2003

GZIP... Pros and Cons

I've been reading some about Gzip lately in terms of web serving and all I've been able to learn was that "it lowers bandwidth" but what about site loading speed, does it make the site load faster or lower for the end user?

I know that the ljconfig.pl file has an option for it, but I haven't had the guts to mess with it yet, I figured I should get some opinions before hand.

So, should I enable Gzip?

Why I'm In a Question asking mood...

All of the comment e-mails on my LJ install from from "justgags@smarterjournal.com". I don't see why this is though, nowhere in my ljconfig.pl file have I defined this address... In my interpretation of my ljconfig.pl they should be coming from webmaster@smarterjournal.com just like the New User Confirmation E-Mails do...