February 6th, 2004

Stubborn Checkboxes

Hello, I am currently modifying the update.bml for use in an educational "Teacher Webpage" environment at http://www.smarterjournal.com. However, I cannot seen to rid myself of the check boxes and dropdown menus at the bottom in FULL mode without receiving JavaScript errors. I've created an account:

User: foo
Password: foo

on the site so that anyone wishing to help may log in and see the update page. Please click here to see the source of update.bml.

Thx In Advance

Help, Please!

I'm trying to install LiveJournal on my server (I'm hosted with phpwebhosting, is this the problem, or is it just my stupidity?). I can't figure out this thing for the life of me, and I'd REALLY like to get installed seeing I've already registered the domain and began wasting my time on it.

Can anyone help me here?
The Cow!
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(no subject)

I believe I am about to undertake installing LiveJournal as a project for my advanced networking seminar. Any good tips that are not in the server docs that I should know before I undertake this?
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