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March 9th, 2004 - LiveJournal Everywhere [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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March 9th, 2004

Help again! [Mar. 9th, 2004|10:33 am]
LiveJournal Everywhere
[justgags@Cerebellum justgags]$ bin/upgrading/update-db.pl --runsql --populate
Updating cluster: 0

cluster: status

Populating public system styles (S1):
calendar/Clean and Simple: updated #1
calendar/Default Calendar: updated #2
calendar/Disjointed: updated #3
calendar/Generator: updated #4
calendar/Magazine: updated #5
calendar/Notepad: updated #6
calendar/Punquin Elegant w/ Sidebar: updated #7
calendar/Refried Paper: updated #8
calendar/Tabular Indent: updated #9
day/Clean and Simple: updated #10
day/Default Day View: updated #11
day/Disjointed: updated #12
day/Generator: updated #13
day/Magazine: updated #14
day/Notepad: updated #15
day/Punquin Elegant w/ Sidebar: updated #16
day/Refried Paper: updated #17
day/Tabular Indent: updated #18
friends/Clean and Simple: updated #19
friends/Default Friends View: updated #20
friends/Disjointed: updated #21
friends/Generator: updated #22
friends/Magazine: updated #23
friends/Notepad: updated #24
friends/Punquin Elegant w/ Sidebar: updated #25
friends/Refried Paper: updated #26
friends/Tabular Indent: updated #27
lastn/Clean and Simple: updated #28
lastn/Default LiveJournal: updated #29
lastn/Disjointed: updated #30
lastn/Generator: updated #31
lastn/Magazine: updated #32
lastn/Notepad: updated #33
lastn/Punquin Elegant w/ Sidebar: updated #34
lastn/Refried Paper: updated #35
lastn/Tabular Indent: updated #36
lastn/Webley Boxes on White: updated #37
Populating public system styles (S2):
SOURCE: s2layers.dat
Wide character in subroutine entry at bin/upgrading/update-db.pl line 272, line 139.
[justgags@Cerebellum justgags]$
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Enabling directory search / what user is the "web user"? [Mar. 9th, 2004|12:12 pm]
LiveJournal Everywhere
I'm trying to enable directory search in my LJ install. I have one setup of last night's CVS [dev box] and another of the most recent tarball [production].

I can't find the capabilities or privileges to change so that the web user can do it. The "system" account can already look through the directory, but I want anonymous users to be able to by the web. What do I change to do this?

And for the privileges / capabilities grant options, what username would affect an anonymous web user?
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An LJ wiki? [Mar. 9th, 2004|12:15 pm]
LiveJournal Everywhere
I've tried Googling the lj_everywhere community for questions I've had. I'm sure others have had them, asked them, and answered them; I'm sure more have just thrown up their hands in confusion.

LiveJournal seems to be a very powerful tool, with very weak "How-to" documentation. (The technical documentation is great, but it leaves with little skills, just knowledge.) I think that a WikiWikiWeb would be a great way to store this in a persistent way (rather than the transient way of the lj_everywhere community).

If anyone is interested, I will happily set up a Wiki for the LJ-code-using community. I think this would be a great asset.
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