March 17th, 2004


A few beginning questions

(I'll be noting any snags for later contribution to the documentation.)

Perl 5.8.x - Does anyone know if I'll run into problems with this version?

rpms or source? suggestions? I'm on RH9.

Any problems with RH9? I'd like to get up and running asap, and I'm already comfortable with RH.

comrade linear front file?

Sorry for so many questions.

Following the instructions in section 6.2 of the guide (installing perl modules), I got the following error:

[root@box cgi-bin]# /home/lj/bin/
[Checking for Perl Modules....]
Missing optional module GD::Graph: Required to make graphs for the statistics page.
[Checking LJ Environment...]
* No file found at /home/lj/cgi-bin/
[root@box cgi-bin]#

I cannot find the file? Where did I go wrong?

Drinks for everyone when I get this set up and running!